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Promotional Products for Non Profits

Rocky Mountain Promotional Products and Apparel is a small family company, and we support the efforts of those that support the community - locally, nationally, and internationally!

We appreciate the work that Churches and Not for Profit Entities do, and we offer discounts to approved organizations to show our thankfulness for your efforts to make the world a better place.

As a thank you, if your mission and ours align, we may offer our friends and family buying program to you.

If you are approved, we reduce our normal gross profit margin on jobs by one half.

These discounts apply on orders that exceed $500.00. 

Jobs over $10,000 may qualify for additional discounts​.

Thank you for all that you do! It’s our pleasure and our responsibility to take care of those who serve others.

Not-for-Profit Entities

Apply Now to Qualify for Discounted Rates!

**Rush orders do not qualify for discounted rates

**Shipping & Tax do not qualify for discounted rates

**Discounted rates include a 3% cash discount for pre-payment with check or wire transfer. We welcome credit card payments; those payment forfeit this 3% discount (but not the larger order discount). Retail orders do not include a cash discount, and may be paid via credit card for the same rate as cash orders.

**We may not approve your account for any reason including that your mission does not align with our beliefs, or because we do not have capacity to process discounted orders or cannot meet your in-hands date.

**Approval on one order does not constitute approval for every order or any additional orders. If you would need approval to purchase at discounted rates for a 12 month period, please let us know in the notes and we will contact you with request for additional information including copies of annual reports and more detailed mission statement and activity reporting.

From Brands You Know and Recognize

Easily personalize your corporate apparel using the best brands with your logo or custom design.

Professional, custom promotional products and high-quality corporate clothing 

that your team will love.  On time, On spec, On price. We guarantee it!

Professional, custom promotional products and high-quality corporate clothing that your team will love.  On time, On spec, On price. We guarantee it!

Celebrating over 10 years of excellence providing promotional products, corporate apparel, screen-printing and embroidery from Grand Junction, Colorado

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